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What being a financial advisor means to me:

“At a young age, I knew that I wanted to help people and give back to the community as a career. When you think of a career that helps people, a financial advisor might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Though, you would be surprised that the core of what it means to be an advisor is to truly help others.

When I meet with my clients, I get to know who they are on a personal level. Part of learning about them is discussing their dreams and aspirations. However, another part is learning what keeps them up at night. I want to help them achieve their goals and I want to reduce any stress that they have in their life.

Each day, I wake up and have the opportunity to help someone. There are times that it’s not easy and occasionally, I have to have tough conversations with people. It is no easy task to tell someone they need to save more or push their retirement. However, being in the position is one of the most rewarding experiences to hear that someone could live comfortably in their retirement because I was there to help them.

That is what it means to me to be a financial advisor – to help people achieve their life’s ambitions.”