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The value of working with a financial professional can be determined in several ways. Do you feel confident that you will reach your financial goals? How strong is your portfolio? According to a study by Russell Investments, it is estimated that a good financial advisor can increase investor returns by 3.75%. Although you may be able to manage your own money, having a trusted advisor can potentially improve your financial performance, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you in the long-term.

Are you confident that you will achieve the investment goals that you have set? An advisor will help you monitor your progress and establish steps to help you reach your life’s ambitions.

With the ever-changing market and environment – is your financial advisor at your side during these times? Major life decisions and events will come up – losing a job, taking on new business ventures, approaching retirement, etc. By handling your finances alone, it may be tempting to change your future plans. A financial professional will help you plan for specific life events and adjust if necessary. They will pay close attention to the market and environment so that you don’t have to.

Is your portfolio tailored to you? Your advisor will take time to understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish and work with you to build a personalized financial strategy. They will help you develop objectives based on your life stage and discuss your comfort level with risk to create a portfolio that makes sense for you. As your life stage changes so will your portfolio, which is why you want an advisor that is with you during your life journey.

Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to understand basic and complex investment, insurance, and tax matters? Advisors are also educators and will be able to act as your financial life coach. They’re there to help you make the right decisions when everything is going well obviously, but just as critically are there to avoid the usual pitfalls many people fall into when they don’t have that guidance. Some topics can be overwhelming regardless of what stage of your life you are in. You want to work with a professional that you trust and one that you can go to when you have complex situations pop up.

At Prime Capital Investment Advisors, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your life’s ambitions. Our team of advisors will develop a strategic, innovative financial plan individualized for you, regularly review that plan to determine if it is on par with your goals, and openly communicate and collaborate with you throughout the process to build a meaningful client-advisor relationship. Click here to connect to your local financial advisor today!

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