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To the Valued Advisors & Associates of Prime Capital Investment Advisors,

As the year comes to a conclusion, we want to take the opportunity to revisit the past twelve months, restate our organizational priorities and summarize moves we have made to support our objectives.

As we look back on 2019, we will have:

  • Grown AUM by over $1 billion
  • Added a dozen new advisors
  • Established advisor-led boards to define the company’s Wealth Management & Retirement priorities moving forward
  • Opened offices in 7 new locations
  • Expanded our investments offerings dramatically
  • Secured a growth capital investment from LNC partners
  • Embraced Financial Planning as a core to our Wealth Management business

By any measure, our company achieved a great deal in 2019!

In looking to the future, our vision remains the same: Inspiring People to Achieve their Life’s Ambitions. We exist such that every Advisor, Associate, Client, Retirement Plan Participant and Partner of our firm will realize their life’s ambitions. Attacking our days by seeking to understand and help others drives us in being a great place to work and to do business in the industry.

Now, we have the best platform in our industry: unique investment alternatives, best-in-class financial planning processes & support, industry-leading technology, a market-leading retirement platform, unparalleled retirement plan education services and a partnership of the most talented people in our industry. With this said, we should all be focused on continuous improvement, and we can be even better in 2020 than we are today. Our success as a firm depends on a mindset of continuous improvement.

Turning to 2020, we are going to put a heavy emphasis on optimizing the systems and resources we have in place today. Organizationally, our energy will be 100% about improving advisors’ ability to build their businesses and enhancing the client experience.  More specifically, below we have identified four critical priorities for 2020:

  • Advisor Data Quality – We will strive advisors with even stronger information and data, enabling them to build their businesses more effectively.
  • Financial Planning – Financial Planning will continue to be integrated as a standard offering to all of our Wealth Management clients moving forward.
  • Marketing & Lead Generation – The company will continue to test the balance between supporting marketing & lead generation efforts for the company & advisors.
  • Wealth Management & Retirement Value Proposition – Our Advisory Boards will direct our client-facing priorities, enhancing service offering for our clients.

In addition to these priorities, we will continue to recruit Advisors, Teams and Organizations. The process of attracting new talent is simply part of our daily business and continued growth every time someone new joins our firm, we get better as a result of their experience and expertise. Lastly, we will continue to put significant energy into Financial Fitness for Life as a stand-alone business segment. We have built a service that we believe is unrivaled in the retirement space and we have realized our full potential as a business.

Understanding these organizational priorities, we want to summarize some critical moves we have made in 2019 to ready us for 2020:

  • Managing Director, Wealth Management – Hired Chris Bouffard in January 2019
  • Director of Strategic Projects – Hired Angele Fox in November of 2019
  • National Retirement Practice Leader – Named Matthew Eickman in December 2019
  • Chief Financial Officer – Announced Brian Dillbeck in December 2019
  • Chairman, Financial Fitness for Life – Scott Colangelo will devote his time here in 2020

In closing, we have accomplished so much in 2019. Our vision continues to guide our efforts, our priorities are focused on advisor growth & the client experience, and we have already taken a number of important steps to position us for tremendous success in 2020.

Our future is clearly brighter than our past and we are absolutely thrilled as we enter the New Year.

Let’s attack 2020 with vigor!


Glenn A. Spencer
Chief Executive Officer

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