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Featuring Kris Koening

Meet Kris Koenig! Kris is a financial advisor in our Overland Park, KS office. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in anthropology, and specializes today in corporate 401(k)s, philanthropic giving and 1031 exchanges for excess boot money on...

Update From Our CEO: COVID-19

Our firm’s vision is to inspire people to achieve their life’s ambitions. We understand that given that current state, it is very difficult for our clients to stay focused on their long-term life objectives. This global health challenge is causing tremendous financial...

Here is What You Need to Hear

Here is What You Need to Hear Being a great financial planner isn’t all about using data and plugging in a formula so a computer can put together a plan. Sometimes you have to give people advice they don’t really want to hear, but the fact is they really need to hear...

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