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Featuring Rich Laing

Meet Rich Laing! Rich is a wealth advisor in our Overland Park, KS office, where he develops a process to manage all the different pieces of a family's wealth puzzle. Rich has always had a fascination with watching wealth be created out of a concept or idea. Today, he...

Q4 Quarterly Client Update

Headwinds Subside, Markets Reach New Highs As 2019 came to an end with the major stock indices at or near their all-time highs, it’s worth reflecting on just how far we have come in this historic decade. Since the S&P 500 bottomed at a level of 676 on March 9,...

Featuring Matt Brown

Meet Matt Brown! Matt is a financial advisor in our Overland Park, KS office. Matt’s expertise in the retirement planning industry stems from his love of getting to know people and helping them figure out how and when they can retire. Matt knows that even when people...

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