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High Net-worth Investors

Are you disappointed with your current advisor’s services and performance? If you’re dissatisfied, the reason may be that your advisor has:


Too many clients

Our experience has shown that many investment advisors have more than 200 clients. This means the advisor is overseeing thousands of holdings invested in tens of thousands of different account configurations, all requiring active management. It also means an advisor’s attention can get stretched quite thin.

Too little communication


Too much bias

Many advisors work at large brokerage firms, as did many of our advisors previously. It’s not uncommon for these firms to “strongly encourage” the use of specific products. In a world in which your advisor’s compensation can vary from 0.25% – 15% based on the product he or she sells, bias can easily become part of the equation.


Too little communication

Lack of communication often is the top complaint from high net-worth individuals. When an advisor has too many clients, it frequently leads to a lack of regular, meaningful communication. The truth is, communication should not start and end at the beginning of the relationship; it should build and deepen over time.

With Prime Capital Investment Advisors’ high net worth investor program, we focus on just 10 clients – you could be one of them. Our “tenclient” program is built around one goal: to provide a select few clients with the industry’s most comprehensive service plan. Ten days each month are committed to 10 clients, one day each. Each client is assigned a team of dedicated advisors that manages their select accounts with a focus on the client’s unique goals.

Our business model is simple

  • A team of five investment professionals per client
  • A maximum of 10 clients per team

Contractually committed services for a select few

We realize that each client has unique expectations of their investment services and communications plan, both now and in the future. That’s why we build a custom service contract for each client in our tenclient program. Lip service is not an option.


Fiduciary services contract

Your team of investment advisors provides you with a written contract that outlines in detail each service you will receive and the date it will be provided. This contract ensures that you receive the high level of communication and service you are promised:

  • Consistent phone contact
  • Monthly internal reviews
  • Quarterly face-to-face consultation
  • Annual Summary Report
  • Annual Master Plan Review
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