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Jim Hirst

Managing Director, Carolina Operations
Raleigh, NC

Jim’s career began at Nomura Securities International, one of only 40 primary dealers in US government bonds in 1987. During his time at Nomura, he sat on the trading desk alongside traders and institutional portfolio managers, helping to manage a $120 million US government bond portfolio.

Jim developed the Fixed Income Trading Desk at Hornblower Fischer & Co., an investment firm based in Frankfurt, Germany. From his offices in the New York Stock Exchange building, Jim collaborated with both institutional and individual clients worldwide, providing portfolio management and trading in 66 international markets.

Jim has used his institutional and international markets experience to help individual investors and qualified plans to manage their assets in ways that were previously available only to the ultra-wealthy. He now helps his clients manage their investments using risk weighted models of fully transparent and highly diversified liquid investments.

Jim earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Fairfield University in Southern Connecticut. Today, he lives in North Carolina with his wife Edalisse and is an avid fan of the Carolina Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes. He loves the Outer Banks and spending time with friends. He and his wife worship and serve at Hope Community Church in Raleigh.