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Joe Zdeb

Financial Advisor
Overland Park, KS

Joe Zdeb traded his Royals uniform for a suit and tie more than 30 years ago when he crossed into investment business, and has not looked back since. Once a major league baseball player, Joe now bats for his clients.

“My life as professional athlete taught me some important lessons, such as how to budget my time and how paying attention to details is critically important to success.”

Being on a team has played a crucial role in crafting Joe’s approach to business as an investment advisor with Prime Capital Investment Advisors (PCIA). In baseball, you have to effectively communicate with one another, be aware of the circumstances and, after assessing the situation, act quickly to make the right play. It’s the same thought process Joe has at PCIA, except he has more time and resources than on the field. “We approach everything on a personal level,” Joe said. “We focus on making sure people understand that, to us, they are not just a client number on a spreadsheet, but a real person.”

Being on a team surrounded by highly driven people who collectively work for one client is what sets PCIA apart from its competitors. You’re not just getting an advisor; you’re getting several experts in the financial field who will work tirelessly to help clients achieve their goals.

Whether covering the outfield as a Royal or organizing retirement plans, Joe is continually giving back to his Kansas City family.