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At Prime Capital Investment Advisors (PCIA), you are assigned a dedicated lead advisor from among a diverse group of seasoned professional advisors. Your advisor’s focus will be trained on the specifics of your financial needs and goals—always taking into consideration “the big picture.” This lead advisor is your primary contact and the liaison between you and the larger PCIA investment team assigned to you.

Depending on your investment goals and objectives, your lead advisor is backed by a purposeful financial team who specialize in areas such as retirement, taxes, education or trusts. You will have the benefit of our deep bench—we don’t have just one retirement specialist or one trading guru. Instead, we offer a range of solid options, creating meaningful chemistry and an energetic synergy, as we build a well-rounded, customized mix of advisors for you.


We Plan

Your money management team meets regularly to discuss proven and innovative strategic investment options as they build a solid, individualized plan for you. The plan is then clearly communicated with you, mutually agreed upon or adjusted as needed, given market events and your comfort level with risk, then set into motion.

We Review

History shows that any plan must be dynamic and flexible, as financial and market situations are, by nature, subject to often rapid change. That’s why your investment plan will undergo regular reviews by your team, with different team members bringing new ideas to the table. Then it’s up to the lead advisor to determine if the idea is on par with your financial goals, and if so, open to discussion with you.

We Collaborate

Our team approach encourages an ongoing series of intelligent, meaningful discussions with the advisory group and you. This collaboration also produces a set of checks and balances for your account.

Your Goal

The big picture—your financial goals – is always top of mind, and it’s the basis of each decision we make. We believe the beauty of our team approach lies in its effective collaboration of experts and, ultimately, its ability to deliver solid financial results for our clients over time.

Our Internal Team

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