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Our firm was founded with a goal to provide the range of products and services to meet the expanding needs of individual clients. That goal is made a reality with the hiring of financial experts who were passionate about applying their knowledge and expertise to help clients reach for their financial goals.

Prime Capital Investment Advisors’ (“PCIA”) more than 60 tenured associates remain dedicated to the essential business framework the collaboration of highly trained, experienced teams of investment professionals that has created one of the largest independent financial firms in the Midwest.

Our team approach provides, among other things, an effective system of checks and balances. With that in mind, PCIA has aligned itself with the following entities, known for their stellar services and performance.

We make plans and see them through.

Since 1985, Prime Capital Investment Advisors (“PCIA”) (originally as Lawing Financial) has stayed true to its client-centric, team approach to financial planning. This approach, which is deeply committed and personalized to each client’s unique goals, drives the growth of our business and serves as the foundation for all that we do.

Our time-tested approach, which has persevered for more than three decades and across myriad market cycles and through a gamut of market-changing economic, political and world events, continues to propel our associates to work with efficiency, intelligence and integrity for our clients.

Our intent focus on individual investing has attracted some of the brightest minds in the industry to PCIA. As a result, we stand as a hardy team of tenured, collaborative financial planning advisors whose strengths are varied, voracious and vast. These advisors take great pride and personal satisfaction in developing financial plans that are personalized to meet our clients’ goals.

With this focus, strength and clarity of purpose, PCIA consistently has satisfied our clients, thereby expanding its market presence earning a highly competitive role in the industry—in the eyes of our competitors, our employees and, most importantly, our clients.