Collin Gimlin is a financial advisor with Prime Capital Investment Advisors. Since Collin has been an advisor, he has realized that not only does his financial strategies allow his clients to reach their goals, but it allows them to gain more time and peace of mind for their future. “Each day people are losing more time in their daily life and because of that their financial and retirement plans can fall through the cracks. What I do not only helps people get their current and future financial life on track, but it allows them to gain more time.” Collin has a true passion for helping those with investment planning, retirement planning, business planning, and estate planning. As an independent fiduciary, Collin is confident when it comes to being the gatekeeper for individuals and family’s financial life. “I have found myself oddly obsessed with financial planning and investments. I am obsessed with creating strategies that will create a work optional lifestyle for my clients and I love being that person to guide them on that journey.” For some, the stock market and investing can raise concern and uncertainty, so Collin makes sure that he brings simple education to his clients that accounts for uncertain periods. “When creating and implementing a financial plan, I find it crucial that the plan is designed to drive the decisions we make when our emotions cannot.”

Growing up, Collin witnessed firsthand the value and confidence a financial advisor brought to his family’s life. He also witnessed firsthand the damage a non-existent financial plan can bring and that the damage of money goes beyond just money. With his two experiences, not only did it help him shape his why of becoming a financial advisor, but it gave him a purpose which is to simply “guide and direct those who value my advice to make wise financial decisions so they gain confidence and time in their future.” Before becoming a financial advisor, Collin started his own investing and retirement plan at just 18 years old. Ever since that, he was passionate about the stock market and investing. During college, Collin knew he wanted to be a financial advisor so he could help others besides himself reach their financial goals. “After job shadowing and having annual reviews in the summer with Terry and Christian Conner, I knew my purpose in life was to become a financial advisor.” Ever since graduating college he has done exactly that, helping those create a financial plan that will allow them to live their life dreams.

Collin grew up in Southwest Missouri in the small town of Sparta, Missouri. He graduated from College of the Ozarks, receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, playing golf, attending sporting events, spending time at Table Rock Lake with family and friends, and travelling across the country to the next national park to check off his list.

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