Drawn to the Earth Equity goal of empowering investors, Kerry Keihn loves helping people evoke the positive change they want to see in the world. By aligning clients’ wealth with their values, Kerry helps them understand how their money can make a bigger impact and craft a legacy they’ll be proud of for years to come.

Due in part to several years of social work, Kerry is passionate about how much behavioral and emotional factors play into financial decisions. As a financial advisor, Kerry continued her education by earning the Accredited Behavioral Finance Professional (ABFPSM) designation – the first advisor-focused behavioral finance designation from an accredited college or university. Forever passionate about helping clients look inward in order to move forward, she leans on that background often as she helps her clients logically navigate investment decisions.

Building on her University of Virginia education and ​further distinguishing herself and her expertise in this new world where competitors all too often greenwash and mislead potential SRI clients, Kerry earned the Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC​TM)​ Designation. With this certification, you can be confident in Kerry’s ability to help you make the impact you want.

A strong believer that ​“we’re all in this together”​ and knowing community is where that starts, Kerry is a graduate of the Leadership Asheville Program and is active with several local nonprofits. She volunteers with Pisgah Legal Services on their development committee, and recently served as the chair of the Asheville Ten Thousand Villages board. Additionally, Kerry and colleague Leesa Sluder have co-founded 100+ Women Who Care Asheville – a local giving circle that supports charities in Western North Carolina.

When she’s not helping clients or her community, Kerry can be found attempting home improvements with her husband, Tyler, at their home just outside of Asheville. She also enjoys gardening, meditating, running, or doing yoga while her two dogs try to “help.” A huge fan of the theater, Kerry delights in everything from attending to acting, directing, and even designing entire productions. She’s always eager to tackle a new project and will never turn down an opportunity to learn.


Financial professional is also an Investment Adviser Representative (IAR) and offers advisory services through Prime Capital Investment Advisors, LLC (“PCIA”), a federally registered investment adviser. PCIA: 6201 College Blvd., Suite #150, Overland Park, KS 66211. PCIA doing business as Prime Capital Wealth Management (“PCWM”) and Qualified Plan Advisors (“QPA”). Earth Equity Advisors, LLC and PCIA are affiliates, under common control. You are encouraged to read and review the disclosure brochures for both Earth Equity Advisors, LLC and PCIA, and direct questions to your financial professional should you receive advisory services from both firms.

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