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Along with the familiar discussions about in-plan guaranteed lifetime income, personalized managed accounts, SECURE 2.0 changes and improving participant outcomes, a couple of underlying themes emerged from two days of sessions at the LeafHouse National Retirement Symposium in Austin, Texas this week.

During a mystery-shot filled “Retireside Chat” featuring Kading, Prime Capital’s Scott Colangelo and Strategic Retirement Partners’ Jeffrey Cullen moderated by Adams, the heavyweight roundtable voiced a variety of frustrations in answering questions including what keeps them up at night and what “pisses them off,” among others.

Colangelo said he lamented that firms aren’t doing enough business together.

“It does bother me that there’s very little collaboration between advisory firms,” Colangelo said. “There’s things that we should be doing to partner with each other to help grow each other’s practices, to be more of a collegial community. I feel like it’s a very protective, sort of standoffish community.”

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